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Rocking Out the Awkwardness with Dave Covino

UNYQERS  |  mai 8, 2015

When you first meet someone without a limb, there is this awkward cautiousness. You don’t want to be rude by …

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Bouncing Back Strong

UNYQERS  |  mai 6, 2015

Meet Hacer Arslan. A tough young woman from small village in the Netherlands. Her pragmatic and positive perspective inspire strength …

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UNYQER Dylan M Jones: Doesn’t Let Amputation Hold Him Back

UNYQERS  |  mars 27, 2015

In this interview, we sit down with Dylan M Jones. He is one of the younger UNYQERS we’ve met and …

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Meet Tarrell “I’ve Got Nothing to Hide” Lee

UNYQERS  |  décembre 19, 2014

The first thing Tarrell Lee tells me in his New York accent when we get on the phone: “I’ve got …

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Gianna & Her Playful Prosthetic Cover

UNYQERS  |  août 27, 2014

When it comes to convincing kids to be active, the trick is to find something they like. Sometimes that means …

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Katherine Crawford: Amputee Actress, Model & Activist

UNYQERS  |  juillet 24, 2014

When UNYQ asked actress/model Katherine Crawford what she was looking for in a prosthetic leg cover, her answer was simple: …

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Empowering Amputee Athletes Around the World

UNYQERS  |  juillet 15, 2014

Travis Ricks. Travis Ricks, an amputee for 11 years, brings us a story of profound resilience. Diagnosed with cancer at …

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Alex Minsky: U.S. Marine, BK Amputee & Work Out Maniac

UNYQERS  |  juillet 2, 2014

The first thing you notice about Alex Minsky are the tattoos. Both of his arms are covered from knuckle to …

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Lacey Henderson Models a UNYQ Galaxy Prosthetic Cover

UNYQERS  |  mai 7, 2014

An above knee amputee since the age of nine, Lacey Henderson has not let limb differences stand in her way. …

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