Announcements  |  November 19, 2020

You are one of a kind We at UNYQ are a curious, human centric design team. We use biometrics to create customized 3D printed products for individuals that we call WEARS. The start to end digital process directly involves end users in the choice of their wearables. Current products created ...

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UNYQ HUB, UNYQERS  |  October 11, 2020

UNYQ was founded on the mission to tear down the walls of stigma associated with prosthetic and orthotic wear using personalized design, fashion and exponential technology that is increasingly available to us. Why can't prosthetics be well designed and fashionable and a reflection of oneself ? With that simple ...

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“Mindset is everything” Bogdan Olteanu

UNYQERS  |  September 9, 2020

“It’s nothing that can stop me actually. I am more hungry for living than before. Keep calm, put your leg …

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“Grace under pressure” Ajay G. Doni

UNYQERS  |  August 28, 2020

Dr. Ajay G Doni shared with us live on Facebook from India his amazing story from before his accident that …

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“Don’t hide it!” Maria Lassen

UNYQERS  |  August 20, 2020

We interviewed Maria Lassen from Denmark who received her first UNYQ cover around 2 years ago. Maria is an inspiration …

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“I want to be me!” Travis Ricks

UNYQERS  |  August 15, 2020

We had the pleasure to interview Travis Ricks from San Diego California live on Facebook but he received his first …

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Designing Confidence

UNYQ Versity, UNYQERS  |  June 17, 2020

“That was the amazing thing we where not just designing something that looked cool but we were re-creating sense of …

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UNYQ Versity  |  May 14, 2020

We live in very special times that is affecting how we live and work. It’s no different for those who …

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UNYQ co-founder and CEO appears on BBC News

Announcements, UNYQ News  |  April 24, 2019

On Tuesday April 23rd, our Co-Founder and CEO Eythor Bender appeared on the BBC’s Inside Track. He spoke to the …

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The UNYQ Socket

Announcements, UNYQ Versity  |  March 18, 2019

This weekend, we were incredibly proud to unveil our very first 3D-printed leg socket at the British Association of Prosthetists …

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Let difficulties make us better, not bitter

UNYQERS  |  March 30, 2018

Some say a smile is the most universally understood emotion, regardless of the language spoken. For UNYQers, there is another …

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UNYQERS Showcasing Diversity & Bionic High Fashion at SFFW

Events, Fashion  |  October 23, 2017

It was the final day and the final segment of a diverse and innovative San Francisco Fashion Week. Who better to …

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