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About UNYQ Products

What is a Prosthetic Cover?

A Prosthetic Cover is a removable accessory and protective layer for prosthetic devices. It is also known as a prosthetic fairing. Prosthetic Covers are cosmetic and protective covers for transfemoral (TF), transtibial (TT) and transradial amputees that restore symmetry.

What makes UNYQ unique?

The purpose of UNYQ is to give amputees stylish and functional options for showing off their personality as they see fit. Our Prosthetic Covers are manufactured with the latest 3D printing technologies and are completely personalized to your measurements. Each Prosthetic Cover is unique, meaning we produce it individually so it’s symmetrical with your sound leg and fits over your componentry. You can choose from the designs we have on our website or ask us to design a custom one that fit your own style.

Which types of prosthesis can you work with?

In short, our covers will fit over just about all prosthetic devices! We work in a personalised way to adapt our covers to your body and prosthetic device. Our covers will work over most prosthetic components for both trans-tibial amputees and trans-femoral amputees. These are just some examples of knees we can work with:

  • C-Leg (Ottobock)
  • Genium/ X3 (Ottobock)
  • Rheo 1/2/3 (Össur)
  • 3R80 (Ottobock)
  • Mauch (Össur)
  • Plié (Freedom Innovations)
  • Orion (Endolite)

But there are many! If you’re a trans-femoral or trans-tibial amputee and have a question about whether our covers work for your prosthetic components, do not hesitate to contact us by email, chat or phone.

Do your covers work for AK & BK amputees?

Yes, Prosthetic Covers are available for transfemoral, transtibial amputees and transradial amputees. Choose a design, color, texture, and finish! You can also use our prosthetic covers if you’re a double or bilateral amputee, no matter the height of each amputation. Our designers will work closely with you to find the shape and volume that best suits you and creates a sense of symmetry.

How are Prosthetic Covers made?

The Prosthetic Covers custom designed and manufactured using the latest 3D printing technologies. 3D printing is a revolutionary technology which consists of making a three-dimensional object by utilising selective laser sintering. For our covers, we use a highly resistant polyamide that ensures durability and consistency.

How do I take care of my cover?

Prosthetic Covers don’t need special care. You can clean them with a soft damp cloth while it is fitted to your leg. To prolong the life of your cover and paint, avoid exposing it to strong shocks or sharp objects.


How much does a Prosthetic Cover weigh?

The weight of the Prosthetic Cover depends on the design you choose. The covers for transfemoral prosthesis weigh a little more than transtibial covers. The Prosthetic Cover typically weighs in the range of between 1 – 1.5 pounds / 400 – 680 grams depending on the design and your personal measurements. To give you an idea, that’s about the same weight as a can of peas. When people first get their cover, they say they notice the new weight, but it typically doesn’t interfere with their activity and quickly becomes normal.


Can I design my own Prosthetic Cover?

If you have a specific design in mind, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll design something unique to you. Send us pictures, inspirations boards, and color combos, and we will connect you with our design team.

Do you offer other colours?

Contact us if you have another colour in mind

Do you offer skin tone colours?

Yes! We currently offer 9 skin tone colours. All OB skin tone colors are based on the Ottobock SoftTouch swatches. For more information, please contact an account manager or consult with your prosthetist.

Ordering Through a Hub

What are UNYQ Clinics?

UNYQ Clinics are trusted prosthetic centers that provide the highest excellence in design and service. These prosthetic centers are also official sellers of UNYQ products. Buying through a UNYQ Clinic has many advantages:

  • You can see a demo of a Prosthetic Cover.
  • They will do the measurements and photos required to fit your cover.
  • They can assist you with getting your cover reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Are there any Clinics near me?

We have a wide network of UNYQ Clinics throughout the world. Find the Clinic nearest you. If you don’t see a Clinic near you, contact us for help

What if there isn't a Clinic near me?

Not to worry! We are more than happy to reach out to your current clinic to help you get started on your order.

Can my prosthetic clinic become a UNYQ Clinic?

We are continuously adding new clinics to the UNYQ Clinic program. To learn more about how you can join the network and offer UNYQ products to your patients, contact us.

What is the UNYQ Clinic program?

The UNYQ Clinic network is a growing group of trusted prosthetic facilities providing the highest excellence in design and service. The Clinic program is designed to give you everything you need to offer Prosthetic Covers to your patients and benefit from preferred partner pricing. For further information, please contact us.

How can I get a demo Prosthetic Covers for our clinic?

If you are interested in offering UNYQ products in your clinic, the best option is to have a demo cover available for your patients so they can see and feel it. Contact us to learn more about the UNYQ Clinic program and the benefits to clinics including discounts for demo units.

Ordering a Prosthetic : Cover

How can I get a Prosthetic Cover?

Ask us to contact your prosthetist about the measuring and ordering process. If you would like to work directly with a UNYQ Clinic, let us know and we can connect you. UNYQ has a growing network of UNYQ Clinics around the world that know how to fit you for our covers. These centers will help you with the measurements and pictures needed to create your custom cover. Our Clinics showcase sample Prosthetic : Covers that you can see and feel. These Clinics can also assist you in seeking reimbursement for your cover from your insurance provider.

How do I place an order for a Prosthetic Cover?

If you have an Apple device, we highly recommend downloading our new UNYQ App! The front-end of the app is designed as a catalog where you can select your design, texture, color, and finish! Once you have selected the cover, continue through the app to complete the order by taking photos and measurements. For training or assistance with the UNYQ App, contact us at +34 954 043 699 or hello@unyq.com. If you do not have an Apple device, contact us for ordering materials.


What measurements and photos do you need to create my Prosthetic Cover?

To design your custom cover we need a few measurements and photos of your sound leg and your prosthesis (or both prosthesis if bilateral). It’s a simple process that you can do by yourself with the help of a friend, family member, or prosthetist. We now have a brand new UNYQ App, available in the Apple Store, that allows you to order a cover in less than 10 minutes!

If you already have my measurements from a previous order, do you need them again for my next order?

If you have ordered a cover and we have your measurements and photos, you don’t need to repeat the process for future covers as long as you have not changed your prosthesis or your alignment.

Customer Satisfaction & Warranties

Are Prosthetic Covers waterproof?

Our Prosthetic Covers are not affected by fresh water, however, we are still testing with salt water. Splashes cause no damage to covers.

How resistant are Prosthetic Covers?

Prosthetic Covers are resistant to the usual bumps of everyday life. However, the painting can be damaged. We upgraded all covers to a more durable polyamide material to create a quality experience.

Will my Prosthetic Cover protect my prosthesis on impact?

Your Prosthetic Cover protects your prosthesis from the usual bumps of everyday life. If you want to practice an extreme sport while wearing your cover, reach out to learn more about specific cases.

What warranties does UNYQ provide?

UNYQ guarantees the material of your cover for one year for use in regular activities. If your cover is damaged during the first year, we will repair or redo your cover. UNYQ assumes no responsibility if the damage is caused by an incorrect use of our products.

Painting and finishings are not included in the warranty. If you want us to repaint your cover, please reach out to learn more about our repainting service.

Can I return the prosthetic leg cover if I don't like it?

Our Prosthetic Covers are unique. We take into consideration your components, the shape of your sound limb and your personal design preferences. We don’t have inventory, we don’t do off-the-shelf and we don’t believe in one size fits all. This means that all sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

We do everything in our power to help you understand what the cover will be like and make sure it’s made to fit the way you want. Feel free to ask us questions and check out our Lookbook to see how our covers look on a variety of components.