Lee Spencer – The Rowing Marine

Non classé  |  janvier 10, 2019

On 8th January 2019, ex-Royal Marine Lee Spencer set out on an unsupported solo rowing attempt 3,750 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, starting from Portimao, Portugal and ending in French Guiana. Lee will fight against 30-foot waves, sleep deprivation, extreme fatigue, fear and solitude. He is also an amputee. He will ...

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Throwing out the dis in (dis)ability

Non classé  |  décembre 3, 2018

It’s the UN’s International Day of (Dis)abled Persons, and now is the time to reframe the conversation and make people …

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UNYQ Appoints Former IKEA Head of Design Marcus Engman

UNYQ News  |  novembre 26, 2018

We are proud to announce the appointment of Marcus Engman as Vice President of Design, effective immediately. Marcus is the …

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Meet the Experts

Non classé  |  novembre 12, 2018

The world is a challenging place, but for some people the challenge is greater but far less obvious. For people …

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How I Learned to Embrace the Brace

Uncategorized  |  juillet 9, 2018

Hi, my name is Sofia, I am fourteen, and I am a UNYQ pioneer.   I have been diagnosed with …

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These New Hubs Now Offer UNYQ Covers

Uncategorized  |  juin 21, 2018

As we expand to additional U.S. locations, we would like to highlight our newest additions to the UNYQ Hubs family. …

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UNYQ partners up with IKEA and Area Academy for the gaming community

Announcements  |  juin 8, 2018

UNYQ, a frontrunner in medical wearables, is teaming up with IKEA to present a one of a kind prototype that …

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Straight Up with a Beautiful Smile

Uncategorized  |  avril 16, 2018

Twelve-year-old Macy is a typical, active young teen. She plays soccer, enjoys swimming in the summertime, likes Math and Language …

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When Dance and Scoliosis Collide

Uncategorized  |  avril 9, 2018

There are many things that dance does for a young person. It teaches grace, discipline, posture and presence. In the …

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Let difficulties make us better, not bitter

Uncategorized  |  mars 30, 2018

Some say a smile is the most universally understood emotion, regardless of the language spoken. For UNYQers, there is another …

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All the Right Curves, All the Right Angles

Uncategorized  |  mars 24, 2018

The team at Scoliosis and Spine Associates (SSA) in New York City knows a thing or two about curves and …

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