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Uncategorized  |  23/06/2017

“Mamman”, un beau lycéen m’a poursuivi pour dire. “Je n’ai aucune idée de ce que vous avez vécu ou à …

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21 Things These Amputees Can’t Live Without

Uncategorized  |  22/11/2016

We are constantly wowed by the ingenuity of the amputees in our community. Often in the comments of our Facebook …

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Small Victories, Big Gains: Coping with Anxiety Post Amputation

Uncategorized  |  10/10/2016

If you were to ask anyone what they think of me, you would probably hear words like bubbly, loud, and …

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9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Became an Amputee

Uncategorized  |  27/06/2016

When I became an amputee I was given plenty of pamphlets on what to expect. I knew about phantom pain …

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UNYQ Featured in Documentary on Innovations in Scoliosis Treatment

Uncategorized  |  14/06/2016

UNYQ is at the heart of a powerful documentary on scoliosis that aired for the first time on June 5th on …

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Straight Up Style: From Strange to UNYQ

Uncategorized  |  12/02/2016

At a time when a kid just wants to fit in, the burden of scoliosis treatment can be truly unbearable. …

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The Power of Symmetry: Improving Confidence & Gait in Lower Limb Amputees

Uncategorized  |  12/01/2016

One of the many concerns after someone has an amputation can be ‘will I be able to walk normally again?’ …

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Upper Limb Prosthetic Covers are Here

Uncategorized  |  01/12/2015

Today, we are thrilled to expand our line of prosthetic covers to include options for upper limb amputees. Just like …

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UNYQER Daniel Edmondson: Grounded in Adventure

Uncategorized  |  03/11/2015

No one can control what happens to them, but everyone can control how they react. On a Minnesota night in …

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UNYQER Erin Deegan: Accounting for The Next Adventure

Uncategorized  |  23/10/2015

“Adapting is the best descriptor of life as an amputee.” Accountants aren’t always perceived as the most adventurous personalities. But …

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