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“Sei ehrlich zu dir selbst, verstecke dich nicht und lebe DEIN Leben”

Uncategorized  |  19/12/2020

Wir hatten eine tolle Zeit im Gespräch mit Karlianny (Kalli) aus dem Saarland in Deutschland. Wir sprachen über alles aus …


UNYQ Celebrates #DesignForAll at The White House

Uncategorized  |  19/09/2016

Last Thursday, UNYQ was invited to the White House for a special event celebrating inclusive design, assistive technology and prosthetics. …


UNYQER Dylan M Jones: Doesn’t Let Amputation Hold Him Back

Uncategorized  |  01/11/2014

In this interview, we sit down with Dylan M Jones. He is one of the younger UNYQERS we’ve met and …


Katherine Crawford: Amputee Actress, Model & Activist

Uncategorized  |  01/10/2014

When UNYQ asked actress/model Katherine Crawford what she was looking for in a prosthetic leg cover, her answer was simple: …


Alex Minsky With UNYQ Look At NY Fashion Week

Uncategorized  |  12/09/2014

Retired Marine Cpl. Alex Minsky’s life took a surreal and unexpected turn this year as he sat on a couch …