LA Fashion Week took the world by storm last week with the latest collections from the top designers like Michael Costello, R. Michel’le and Erik Rosete, the Creative Director behind Mister Triple X and the President of Arts Heart Fashion, one of the premier events of the week.

It was my first time at a Fashion Week, and while the collections were striking what hit me most was the uniqueness of expression on the runway. We all have ideas about what a fashion show is like, but I was pleasantly surprised to see curvy models, tattoos and even an amputee. The LA fashion world was sending a message… there is more than one way to be fashionable.

Photo by Jack Flemming

Following his appearance at New York Fashion Week, Alex Minsky, U.S. Veteran Marine, amputee and bodybuilder extraordinaire strutted his stuff on the #LAFW runway. In a bold move, Alex walked first for Mister Triple X, the hot high-end streetwear fashion brand known for its signature chains, straps and rock star casual look.

Erik Rosete proved once again that he has more edge than a straight razor by customizing one of UNYQ’s custom cosmetic prosthetic fairings to accentuate his tropical-infused, S/S 15 collection, Paradise Collection.

Photo by Ken Alcazar

“Every element that you wear should be fashionable,” said Erik Rosete in an interview with Scenester TV following the show. “If anything happens in life, you should still be able to flip it, flip the script and make it cool.”

Alex described the prosthetic cover as “sick”. We have to agree. It’s probably the coolest fairing in the world today. Chrome plated with a textured black accent, Alex’s below the knee fairing looked more like a piece of a Harley-Davidson than a prosthetic cover.

The Power of Fashion

Fashion is about self expression. Beyond its functional purpose, the way we dress is how we outwardly project who we are and how we’re feeling. There are days we dress bold, days we dress practically and days we dress to impress.

When part of your body is missing, it seems natural to experience feeling muted or incomplete. But where there is nothing, you can now put something and not just a cold, medical attempt at a leg, but a statement — a small way of saying, this is me.

UNYQ is on a mission to humanize the prosthetic industry by giving amputees a way to control their look, fit into the pants they used to wear and embrace their prosthesis. By working with talented fashion designers like Erik Rosete who push fashion forward for amputees, our goal is to give amputees a choice when they get dressed in the morning.

Team UNYQ was out in full force at Arts Heart Fashion cheering on Alex and taking in the wild collections.

Many thanks to Erik Rosete for bringing his creative energy to UNYQ’s mission and to Alex Minsky who rocked the show.

Photo by Jack Flemming