You are one of a kind

We at UNYQ are a curious, human centric design team. We use biometrics to create customized 3D printed products for individuals that we call WEARS.

The start to end digital process directly involves end users in the choice of their wearables. Current products created on the UNYQ platform are: Prosthetic Covers and Sockets made and worn by users around the world.

We’ve unlocked the power of choice. From additive manufacturing to digitalization, our design process enables innovation and individuality in every object we create.

There’s no such thing as normal

We believe in the strength of letting every human being unique. We believe that every individual is an expert that could contribute to a better solution.

We believe that no one should have to wait for solutions for a better life situation, and that speed and curiosity is creativity’s best friend to solve this. Our mission is to together with them is to design beautiful, functional & sustainable personalized solutions that serves the individual needs of the many people.

Unlock your power of choice

To go from hiding to celebrating differences our mission is to enable individuals to shape their health and lifestyle around themselves. Our curiosity is constantly taking us to new places. To capture biometrics and doing 3dprinting we introduced 4 years ago the first app to make prosthetic wears. It opened up the possibility to develop ideas + products together with the true super users of UNYQ Covers and their super producers (their prosthetic team). Changing perception through unique products and design is part of the mission but the UNYQ Way is about more than that it’s about unlocking choice and creativity as we design every single piece!

We with you, enable innovation and individuality

Since then the UNYQ app has become an essential part of the UNYQ design tool set. The pace of the adaption was surprising and overwhelming. There is a new generation of users and producers of prosthetics that are more design and fashion oriented. They are powered by technology and have a digital mindset. Letting them in on the design process and giving the choice sparkles easily new ideas and courage to long for more.

Within a year after the launch of the app all design assignments and orders moved into the digital age and were processed using the app. Since then we have launched several smaller and larger updates. By tapping into the curious mind of the UNYQ global community we have gathered a lot of ideas and thoughts how to develop this digital platform further and for that we are very crateful and excited.

Prosthetist at UNYQ Hub: MCOP in Annapolis, MD USA using the original UNYQ APP

Virtual – Like No Other

COVID times digitalization has been fast forwarded in all sectors of our lives and it’s no different when it comes to prosthetics. Already the UNYQ APP and 3dprinting and digital design is well aligned to serve new needs that are required as we are forced to work more safely from distance and handle disinfection. In the new version of the app we have taken this in account. That brings us to UNYQ App V3 and it’s nine exciting new features.

One – Design Like No Other

What is new then in version 3. To give the user a tool to design, select and personalize like no other, a consistent feedback from our community has been that we should make it more engaging and easy to use. The whole navigation when selecting new designs and colors has taken this in account. On the catalog side it is now possible see different photos, views and details of each cover – in previous app we only showed a single small picture in the main page. Now we have up to 4 predefined color/s options displayed + still the possibility of personalize the covers.

Two – New designs that heal and reflect you

Limitation in our previous app was that it took a while to add new designs. The new app is built on a platform that allows us do upgrade it much more frequently.

This version includes 6 designs previously not available in the app but introduced earlier this year (Kai, Athlon, Brizz, Crystal, Camellia and Natura) and 3 brand new designs: Cocoon, Swan and Rako.

Three – Once patient data is digital, Re-Order in just a few clicks

One of the top benefit of this new version is that current UNYQers (Users of UNYQ covers) can re-order their replacement cover simply through the app without even visiting a the UNYQ Hub. This is in these times we live in specifically beneficial but also it’s relevant where access to clinics is limited. This requires though that the prosthetic limb has not been altered since the last time a cover was made and that the original cover was ordered through this version of the app or later. Just select on the home screen repeat order, pick the original cover and go through the design/color selection process and send the order.

Remote – New orders

The user friendly app makes it possible to order even new covers from patient’s home. With the help of a family member or friend the needed pictures can be taken in coordination with a UNYQ Hub. Just select on the home screen: Repeat order. In the app as well in the UNYQ Resource Center there are videos that show the process that normally takes around 5 to 15 minutes depending how experienced one is.

Four- Thinner, lighter and more flexible covers

The new 2MM designs are also included. This includes following designs: Natura, Ribbons and U. The great benefit of the 2MM covers is that those are more light weight a feature that many of our customers have asked for and now we are making it generally available. Simply select the 2MM option with the designs showed here.

Five – Improved capturing of biometrics

With a new tilting bar the new app will guide and even refuse taking pictures or videos if done wrong. This is one of the major benefit of the app as there is nothing more frustrating if photos are taken incorrectly and the future cover user needs to come in again for a photo session. We have reduced the number of measurements needed (from 7 to 5 for above knee, and from 5 to 3 in below knee) as well as the videos for below knee from 3 to 2.

This reduces the time to download the data after the capturing session. Further to avoid the photos and measurements getting lost in case of wifi issue or other complication during the download process the data is automatically saved and always available to pick up again once back on track.

Six – Mockup and ordering management

Finally the new app handles placed orders and the mock up process in a more intuitive way. This includes for example retaking the pictures if needed.

Now the whole mockup process is handled through the app notifying the clinician about when the mockup is ready and needs to be approved that the clinician can take care of through the app as well. This will continue to make the process even more smooth and easy for everyone. As before it takes only about 2 to 3 weeks to get the covers delivered after the mockup is approved.

Seven +700 UNYQ Hubs

The app includes a list of + 700 UNYQ Hubs that are are trained in the process of using the app and often times have demo covers and the UNYQ Catalogue. It’s easy to browse in case you are looking for a Prosthetic Clinic in your neighborhood that is able to help you with the process of making the cover.

For new hubs to join the on boarding process is easy. Simply download the app and enter the required information about your clinic.

Eight – On-boarding and training resources

The on-boarding and help center that has been completely redone. In the app you have all the information you need including guidelines and videos. If you like to access it in a different way go to the the Resource Center on our home page. There is also access to the same information in app in the help section. Our customer service staff is happy to help as well.

To start working with the UNYQ App is simple. Download the app on your Iphone or Ipad from the Apple App Store and follow the instructions completing the information required just like before. At the moment we only have it available for iOS iPhones and iPads but we plan on having it available for Android devices in 2021.

Nine – Future – Like No Other

The new UNYQ App platform makes it easier for us to update more frequently future cover designs. Expect to see the app continue to become easier to use and we intend to add prosthetic wears beyond covers like the UNYQ Socket. Please stay informed about new updates by signing up with our newsletter.

This is the perfect time to learn to design and create some personalized prosthetic covers. Let’s unlock choice, confidence and way of living. Biometrics & 3D printing is here to stay; we would welcome having you join the growing UNYQ community!