Meet Hacer Arslan. A tough young woman from small village in the Netherlands. Her pragmatic and positive perspective inspire strength the second you meet her. Like many amputees, Hacer didn’t want to hide her prosthetic limb under something that attempted to look like skin. For her prosthetic cover, Hacer liked the intertwining elegance of Vittra, without the negative space so that her fairing covers her entire prosthesis.

UNYQ: Tell us a little about yourself?

Hacer: My name is Hacer Arslan. I’m 28 years young and live in a tiny village in the Netherlands.

UNYQ: What do you do for work?

Hacer: I am not ready to have a full time job yet, it takes a bit time to get back on track after a tough period. Right now I’m working for a couple hours a week as a volunteer at the volunteering head office. I try to help wherever I can, but most of the time you can find me behind the desk keeping the website and job database up to date.

UNYQ: How did you become an amputee?

Hacer: To make a long story short, in 2012 they discovered that the bump at the back of my knee was a tumor (osteosarcoma). After two surgeries and a couple chemotherapies, I was in a bad condition and we decided to amputate my leg, hoping I would survive the rest of the chemotherapies after it (amputation 2013).

UNYQ: What do you do for fun?

Hacer: I love boxing, I play wheelchair basketball and I like reading.

UNYQ: How did you discover UNYQ?

Hacer: I told my prosthetist Marco Papenburg that I wanted a fairing instead of making my leg look like skin. He told me about UNYQ (he is a UNYQ Hub) and gave me the website. You both have great customer service, so that is a perfect match!

UNYQ: Could you explain to us how you feel wearing your cover instead a fake skin? How has this changed your day by day?

Hacer: People used to approach me with a sad looking face, asking very carefully what happened. Now I have this fairing and when people see it, they smile and react like “wauuw awesome” tell me about it! So now people approach me with a smile instead of a guilty “oh, I feel so sorry”.

UNYQ: When do you wear your fairing?

Hacer: This is a strange question, it is on my prosthetic leg, so when I wear my leg I automatically wear the fairing ? I don’t have to take it off!

UNYQ: What are your greatest challenges as an amputee?

Hacer: I think that in the beginning a good fitting socket is and will always be the minor challenge of every amputee. My challenge right now is to keep my weight stable, because every time I lose weight my socket doesn’t fit well. I also hope one day I will be able to walk for hours without using crutches.

UNYQ: What have you learned as an amputee that might be helpful for a new amputee?

Hacer: Well, as a religious person I have these 4 keywords:

  • Time: I believe that time can heal all wounds, as long as you want it to be healed.
  • Patience: Have patience to achieve your goals, even if it takes a long time. Don’t give up!
  • Prayer: Praying helps healing your heart, soul, and mind.
  • Thankful: Stop looking at what you don’t have (anymore) and be thankful for everything you do have (left).

First heal your heart and mind, think positive, get rid of the thought that there is a limit and then your body will follow in time.