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Uncategorized  |  12/11/2020

Eres único en tu especie En UNYQ somos un equipo de diseño curioso, centrado en el ser humano. Utilizamos la …

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Announcements, Uncategorized  |  24/03/2020

UNYQ is one of the few qualified providers of 3D printed medical devices in the world. Due to the current …

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Let difficulties make us better, not bitter

Uncategorized  |  30/03/2018

Some say a smile is the most universally understood emotion, regardless of the language spoken. For UNYQers, there is another …

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Channeling Your Super Human Strength and Spirit

Uncategorized  |  24/07/2017

As a licensed, professional counselor, Wells Petras knows a thing or two about helping others cope. He’s worked with all …

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Living A Confident Life

Uncategorized  |  23/06/2017

“Ma’am,” a handsome college kid chased me down to say.  “I have no idea what you’ve been through or how …

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3 Views on Adaptive CrossFit from an Amputee, Coach & Prosthetist

Uncategorized  |  14/12/2016

Editor’s Note: After Amber published her story about overcoming depression and anxiety after amputation in part through CrossFit, many of …

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What Helped Me Regain Confidence as an Amputee

Uncategorized  |  05/12/2016

Often I’ve been asked about confidence, both by amputees and non-amputees. I imagine this is because others see me as …

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21 Things These Amputees Can’t Live Without

Uncategorized  |  22/11/2016

We are constantly wowed by the ingenuity of the amputees in our community. Often in the comments of our Facebook …

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The Technology Driven Prosthetist

Uncategorized  |  08/11/2016

We have the great pleasure of working with very talented and dedicated Certified Prosthetists & Orthotists across the globe. These …

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What Changed His Mind?

Uncategorized  |  01/11/2016

There are many reasons why people choose to wear a UNYQ prosthetic cover. For certain amputees, it’s about confidence, for others, it’s …

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