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New X-Collection Covers: Protection and anatomy on the go

Announcements, UNYQ Innovation  |  01/02/2022

UNYQ New X-Collection Covers: Protection and anatomy on the go

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UNYQ COVERS: Endurance in a revolutionary flexible cover

Announcements, UNYQ Innovation  |  02/08/2021

If you use a prosthetic leg, then you understand the challenge that is keeping it safe and protected. Prosthetics may …

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Simply put: It’s about fashion!

Announcements  |  02/06/2021

UNYQ was founded on the idea that prosthetics should be fashionable and shape users identity, just like any other wearable. …

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Body Image a Limitation

Announcements, UNYQERS  |  20/02/2021

Now in February we are celebrating that it’s 7 years since UNYQ was founded. That very summer of 2014 we …

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Announcements  |  19/11/2020

You are one of a kind We at UNYQ are a curious, human centric design team. We use biometrics to …

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UNYQ co-founder and CEO appears on BBC News

Announcements, UNYQ News  |  24/04/2019

On Tuesday April 23rd, our Co-Founder and CEO Eythor Bender appeared on the BBC’s Inside Track. He spoke to the …

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The UNYQ Socket

Announcements, UNYQ Versity  |  18/03/2019

This weekend, we were incredibly proud to unveil our very first 3D-printed leg socket at the British Association of Prosthetists …

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