All you need to know as a pregnant amputee

Parenting seems to be a major challenge in life, moreover, if you or your partner has a limb amputation. We have talked to several UNYQer moms and although there are some special considerations for amputees in pregnancy, generally, there are no medical reasons related to the amputation that would prevent women from carrying a baby […]

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  • Miriam Siepe (UNYQer Interview) Miriam is a German Medical device consultant who thinks that our challenges make us unique. She defines herself as a balanced and good-natured person who does not hesitate to live every moment to its fullest, whether she’s hanging out with friends and family dancing, enjoying a delicious meal or an exquisite […]

  • Raising amputation awareness through social media When talking about raising amputation awareness in social media it’s very important to balance between inspiration, motivation and entertainment, and that’s something Richard has achieved for sure. Richard (@bionic_sneakers) is a 34-year-old unique man based in France who considers himself a good hearted person as he encourages people through […]

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  • Boris Ghirardi (UNYQer Interview) As a nature lover and an active runner, as well as a climber and crossfitter, Boris is a french person who over the years has encouraged others to share their experiences to advise, inspire, and raise awareness about the importance of sports in amputees’ lives. He had to relearn how to […]

  • Lisa Fowler, a UNYQer mom Becoming an amputee mom is a challenging experience; moreover, if you are a pregnant amputee, because you may have to face certain difficulties.  For that matter, Lisa shared her experience with us, in order to sum up what aspects she had to take into account before, during, and after her […]

  • Marleen Verbeek (UNYQer Interview) Marleen is a mom of two children who loves to rediscover herself. In fact, she likes languages, traveling, nature, walks and decorating her house. Her motto is «rediscover yourself», so after amputation she learned how to snowboard and she’s now launching a tequila brand with her boyfriend. You can read her […]

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