Today we released Walnut Collection, the first new UNYQ line of prosthetic covers for Spring/Summer 2015. This collection boldly defies the very nature of being an amputee yet is classic enough to be worn as easily as your favorite pair of jeans.

Walnut Collection emboldens everything we stand for at UNYQ. Think back to the origins of prosthetic limbs, as early as 3,000 years ago, when they were fabricated from wood. Today we have made incredible technological leaps, but so often prosthetic legs fail to give amputees the freedom to express their style and make their components their own. With Walnut Collection, we’re pushing the limits of prosthetic fashion.

“The wood fairing is such a “UNYQ” twist on how today’s technology meets historical prosthetic materials,” says Travis Ricks. “I love being able to show off an old school style leg in such a cool, futuristic way!”

For Walnut Collection, we applied a hydro painted walnut finish to our most classic prosthetic cover: U. This is our favorite everyday prosthetic cover that works just as well underneath a pair of pants or out on display. You choose how you want to wear it! U Walnut gives the look of a beautifully polished natural wood, while remaining light-weight and easy to wear.

For this photo shoot, we went to one of our favorite San Francisco cafes to create a very modern, yet casual environment. The beautiful wood paneling contrasts perfectly with the futuristic white booths.


You may very well recognize the models: Katherine Crawford, amputee actress, and Travis Ricks, Senior Programs Manager and Athlete Relations at the Challenged Athlete Foundation. It was an energetic day to say the least — helped, no doubt, by the endless cappuccinos consumed on the location!

This was the first time we photographed a UNYQ prosthetic cover pulled down over jeans. Take a look at how Katherine’s fairing fills out the leg of her skinny jean. This works so well because UNYQ covers restore your own symmetry. They are tailor made to mimic the shape and contour of your intact leg.

Walnut Collection is currently available in six variations for both above knee and below knee amputees. Custom design options are also available — reach out for more information.