There are always two sides to a story. Two flavors, two takes, two styles. As opposed to conflicting, why can’t they combine, to create an even more striking tale! Today we released our latest collection of fashionable prosthetic covers for men and women. For this line, we combined the toughness of a biker with the sophistication of a black tie affair to create the striking Carbon Collection for everyday elegance with an edge.

The Carbon Collection comes in four color options: Black, Gold, Silver and Bronze and is available for both above knee (AK) and below knee (BK) amputees. Using a hydro painted finishing, these prosthetic covers have the look of sleek carbon fiber.

Like all UNYQ collections, these fairings are custom produced for each person. Using 3D printing technology, our prosthetic covers are quite literally printed to your exact specifications. This means that the shape, contours and volume of the cover will match your intact leg.

For amputees, this provides a symmetrical look and feel that just isn’t attainable with off-the-shelf covers. Pants fit normally, without bunching, catching or draping.

The Carbon Collection is available for purchase online now. You can take the measurements yourself, reach out to one of our Hubs or get your prosthetist to assist you. Our in-house Clinicians can also answer your specific questions — schedule time with one of them today.

Our mission at UNYQ is to provide a wide range of fashionable prosthetics covers to amputees at an approachable price. UNYQ’s Carbon Collection fairings cost $595 and may be covered by insurance.

Carbon Collection of Prosthetic Covers by UNYQ