New X-Collection Covers: Protection and anatomy on the go

Announcements, UNYQ Innovation  |  01/02/2022

At UNYQ we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers. As such, we pride ourselves on listening and responding to the needs you, our partner clinics, bring to us. You told us you wanted an integrated prosthetic solution, where a client could come to your clinic and walk ...

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“This cover is different!”

UNYQ Innovation, UNYQERS  |  10/08/2021

Customer testimonial: Bogdan Olteanu When you’re a very active person with a prosthetic leg, you walk, climb, train hard, work …

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UNYQ COVERS: Endurance in a revolutionary flexible cover

Announcements, UNYQ Innovation  |  02/08/2021

If you use a prosthetic leg, then you understand the challenge that is keeping it safe and protected. Prosthetics may …

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Simply put: It’s about fashion!

Announcements  |  02/06/2021

UNYQ was founded on the idea that prosthetics should be fashionable and shape users identity, just like any other wearable. …

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Body Image a Limitation

Announcements, UNYQERS  |  20/02/2021

Now in February we are celebrating that it’s 7 years since UNYQ was founded. That very summer of 2014 we …

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“Be honest to yourself, don’t hide and live your life”

UNYQERS  |  19/12/2020

We had great time talk talking to Karlianny (Kalli) from Saarland in Germany. We talked about everything from her childhood, …

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Announcements  |  19/11/2020

You are one of a kind We at UNYQ are a curious, human centric design team. We use biometrics to …

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Designing Confidence

UNYQ Versity, UNYQERS  |  26/10/2020

“That was the amazing thing we where not just designing something that looked cool but we were re-creating sense of …

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UNYQ HUB  |  11/10/2020

UNYQ was founded on the mission to tear down the walls of stigma associated with prosthetic and orthotic wear using …

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“It’s OK to be different” – Marleen Verbeek

UNYQERS  |  10/10/2020

We had a discussion on Facebook with the courageous and interesting Marleen Verbeek born in Netherlands that has achieved a massive transformation …

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Four UNYQ messages

UNYQERS  |  05/10/2020

4 UNYQers from different backgrounds are only few of the many that have shared their stories through the last 6 …

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