UNYQ is an industry-leading company with global reach, currently producing medical wears. We create, innovative mass customized products, re-imagining orthopedic devices using 3D printing to create products that heal or reflect you. UNYQ uses emerging technologies and creates next-generation products that are simultaneously aesthetically beautiful yet practical and functional, products that live close to our customers every day.

Our main product line is a range of Prosthetic Wears for upper and lower limb amputees. We offer amputees revolutionary personalization in terms of color and design. Our covers reflect our customers prior shape, and the available design and color options reflect our clients style. We are developing a ‘total leg’ solution, with a printed socket and foot to compliment the covers that have proved so popular.

UNYQ Wears help orthopedic professionals achieve the clinical results they expect and deliver effective, cutting-edge options to their patients by developing digital tools, including the first ever smartphone app for creating 3D printed prosthetics.

US, in numbers...

Established in 2014 .

It takes just 3-4 weeks to deliver a personalized cover.

We have our own printing plant - we don’t rely on 3 rd parties.

UNYQ were 1 st to personalize the covers to reflect the symmetry of the patient.

We launched the 1 st app for Prosthetic Wears.

This means the prosthetist saves time and money - usually taking 3-4 hours

to make a foam cover down to just 5-15 minutes with our app,

and receiving the cover, ready to fit.