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About UNYQ Products

What is a Prosthetic Cover?

A prosthetic cover is a protective and aesthetic accessory for prosthetic devices that restore the anatomic shape and symmetry and offer a wide range of personalization on designs and colors. They are available for lower limb (transtibial, transfemoral, bilateral) and upper limb prosthesis Including osseointegration.
It is easy to put on and off, making it easier to access the prosthetic components, and is a more stable, cleaner and hygienic option than silicone or foam covers. It is also a more sustainable solution as the additive manufacturing has zero waste.

How does the cover attach to my prosthesis?

Our covers come in a front and a back part, and the attachment just takes a few seconds. In lower limb covers, the front part attaches safely and quickly to the pylon of the prosthesis with our Fast-Clamp, while the rear part of the cover is connected to it with strong magnets with just a click. The easy fitting allows you to easily access your prosthetic components to charge knees, feet, to clean them or just to change your style!.

How long does it take to receive the cover once I have placed my order?

We typically take around 2-3 weeks to deliver your custom cover to your clinic, from the day we received the photos and measurements that we need to personalized your cover for your prosthesis and anatomy.

Are prosthetic covers reimbursable?

Many health insurance companies reimburse prosthetic covers around the world. As each country, region and insurance works in a different way, your prosthetist is the best person to know your options.

How are prosthetic covers made?

Our covers are designed individually to fit in each specific prosthesis combination and user’s anatomy. Then, we 3D print them in a lightweight hard plastic (polyamide), post-process them by hand and paint them using automotive techniques and material to get the highest quality finishing. The 3D printing creates zero waste and contributes to a sustainable solution.

Can I design my own prosthetic cover?

Of course, we truly believe in full personalization! If you have your own idea for your cover, our designers will work closely with you to create your dream design. Send us pictures, inspiration boards, and color combos. Just contact us or your prosthetist to start making your inspiration come true.

Are UNYQ Covers waterproof?

Our covers are waterproof and therefore can be used in fresh and saltwater. Splashes cause no damage to covers. Just make sure that your prosthetic components are also waterproof!
We recommend cleaning the cover with a smooth wet cloth after usage (without chemical products), and dry it properly with a clean cloth.

How durable are UNYQ covers?

The durability of our covers depends on how they are used and taken care of. Our covers protect the internal prosthetic components from damage caused by impacts and usual bumps of everyday life, but like any other protective and aesthetic parts, paint may be damaged and material can break when exposed to shocks, scratches and falls. More opened designs tend to be more sensitive to shocks, but are usually more lightweight.


How can I order a prosthetic cover?

Our covers are offered in prosthetic clinics to get the highest customer service and experience, and count on prosthetists experience to better customize each cover.
You can find here the clinics that already offer our products. If your trusted clinic is not on the list, no problem! Just ask them to contact us to easily get up and running to get a UNYQ cover for you.

Become a provider

UNYQ Clinics are trusted prosthetic centers that provide the highest excellence in design and service. These prosthetic centers are also official sellers of UNYQ products. Buying through a UNYQ Clinic has many advantages:

  • You can see a demo UNYQ Prosthetic Cover.
  • They will take the measurements and photos required to fit your cover.
  • They can assist you with getting your cover reimbursed by your insurance provider.

Returns or refunds

Can I return my UNYQ cover?

As each cover is designed specifically for each prosthesis and user’s anatomy, and UNYQ sends a digital preview of the shape and volume free of charge during the process, we will not accept any returns due to shape, design or volume disagreements. For those cases included in our warranty, UNYQ will print a new cover, with the same design and colors of the first order. UNYQ will not give cash refunds.



UNYQ warrants all parts and assemblies to be free from defects in material, production and workmanship for a period of 1 year after the date of shipment, unless otherwise stated.
Paint can be damaged and material can break when exposed to shocks, scratches and falls. Please avoid kneeling down with your cover on hard surfaces and sharp objects.

Due to that, we don’t recommend using our covers for sports or high impact activities, but for moderate impact activities, like walking, bathing, cycling, golf, dancing.
Material breakages and painting scratches caused by impacts are excluded from our warranty.
We offer an extended warranty for painting and also a repair and repaint service for cases not included in our warranty.

Would my cover fit if I change anything in my prosthesis?

Each of our covers is designed specifically for each prosthesis and user’s anatomy, with a specific prosthetic components combination and alignment. Please make sure that the prosthesis and the alignment are completed before taking the photos and measurements to personalize the cover. Our covers may not fit if any component of the prosthesis or the alignment has changed.

How do I take care of my cover?

We strongly advise you to take care of the cover in everyday use, avoiding impact from sharp objects, hitting chairs, tables or metallic objects. Material breakages and painting scratches caused by this kind of situation are excluded from our warranty.

To better care for painting and material, please avoid:

  • Kneeling down on hard floors. There is no problem kneeling down on smooth surfaces such as carpets.
  • Hit the cover against hard objects (car, table, staircase, etc.). Scratches or breaks may appear.
  • Sharp objects.