What options are there for the C-Collection 3D Firm covers?

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  • «From my own experience I can report that despite amputation you can find wholeness and that our possibilities are limitless.» Exercise seems to have a positive impact on physical and mental health, even for amputees. It is thought to be a mind-body connection, and in that sense, an active amputee lifestyle is crucial not only […]

  • Raising amputation awareness through social media When talking about raising amputation awareness in social media it’s very important to balance between inspiration, motivation and entertainment, and that’s something Richard has achieved for sure. Richard (@bionic_sneakers) is a 34-year-old unique man based in France who considers himself a good hearted person as he encourages people through […]

  • In this heartwarming blog post, we have the privilege of sharing an interview with Kiara, a remarkable young woman who has faced and triumphed over adversity, proving that strength, resilience, and a dash of style can conquer life’s challenges. Kiara’s story showcases the power of UNYQ covers in helping individuals embrace their uniqueness and regain […]

  • In our quest to explore the world of med-tech and the innovative solutions that bring improved quality of life to patients, we sat down with Tiina Salmi, a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist (CPO) at Respecta (Ottobock Finland). Respecta is a nationwide med-tech company based in Finland, boasting 14 clinics across the country. Founded in 2000, […]

  • Alex is a blogger with a wide limb loss community that really got our attention for the first time. Her fresh, outspoken, lively and colorful content hooks us up, maybe because she can talk without mincing her words to help others find their silver lining in their struggles. And today she’s sharing with us the […]

  • Gideon is an English engineer now based in Los Angeles, father and grandfather, who spends his spare time building complex web applications. In his view, he’s unique in as far as he’s thoughtful of others, empathetic and strives to be a good human being who gives back to the world more than he takes from […]

  • In a world brimming with inspiring stories, the tale of our next protagonist shines exceptionally bright. Meet a remarkable amputee and empowered woman who defies conventions and exemplifies the strength of human spirit and who stands tall as the sole owner of a prosthetic and orthotic facility. In this exclusive interview, she shares her journey, […]

  • Traveling is a thrilling experience that allows us to explore new places, immerse ourselves in different cultures, and create lasting memories. However, traveling as an amputee can present several challenges and considerations: in addition to the usual preparations, such as packing your suitcase, you also need to consider how to travel with your prosthesis and […]

  • Amputees shouldn’t be underrepresented in the media Roland Mate is a famous TV presenter, speaker and model from Hungary, who stands for amputees representation in the media. His motto: Live and let live. Read his thoughts about amputees’ inclusion in the media in his country. Share this article with your network to spread the word! […]

  • Boris Ghirardi (UNYQer Interview) As a nature lover and an active runner, as well as a climber and crossfitter, Boris is a french person who over the years has encouraged others to share their experiences to advise, inspire, and raise awareness about the importance of sports in amputees’ lives. He had to relearn how to […]

  • Parenting seems to be a major challenge in life, moreover, if you or your partner has a limb amputation. We have talked to several UNYQer moms and although there are some special considerations for amputees in pregnancy, generally, there are no medical reasons related to the amputation that would prevent women from carrying a baby […]