The November edition of GQ includes a whopping seven-page spread on how to look like a gentleman even while pumping iron at the gym. Guess who features front and center? Alex Minsky and his UNYQ prosthetic cover!

From Calvin Klein compression briefs to smart watches to designer sweatpants, the GQ article covers all the latest fashion and innovation since sweatpants were invented. Guy or gal, if you’re into working out, lifting weights and running fast, there is a ton of new tech out there for you.

In particular for amputees, there is one piece of new technology that’s a real game changer. 3D printing makes it possible to create highly customized products very quickly, without having to set up an entire manufacturing line.

At UNYQ, we use 3D printing to create completely customized, fashionable prosthetic covers for above the knee and below the knee amputees, just like the one Alex Minsky sports in the latest issue of GQ. Each of our covers is custom printed to symmetrically match the shape of your intact leg.

We want amputees to have a great selection of creative prosthetic covers for any event from lounging around the house is sweats to going to a fancy holiday party. This is the first time one of our 3D printed prosthetic covers is featured in a mainstream magazine. We’re excited that such a fashion-forward publication invited an amputee to be one of their top models!

Last week we shared a wrap up from LA Fashion Week, where we talked about how the world of fashion is changing. It’s getting more creative, more open and more accessible. This edition of GQ is just one more example “” the main spread prominently features Alex’s prosthetic leg and UNYQ prosthetic cover.

Check out the magazine on the stands now and explore our latest collection of covers.