4 UNYQers from different backgrounds are only few of the many that have shared their stories through the last 6 years since we founded UNYQ.

“I want to be me” – Travis Ricks from San Diego

“Keep calm, put your leg on and enjoy life” – Bogdan Olteanu from Belgium

“This is me” – Lianne Forrest from UK

“I like to show off my personality and have fun” – Nichole Milage from Champaign, Illinois

In different words they are saying the same. It’s no way going through life hiding part of yourself and your personality. By sharing it you not only become a stronger more whole person but you also make others more comfortable around you. Most importantly you are an example to others going through the same challenging experience teaching them to deal with it in a positive and healthy way.

Here is a summary of their interviews that are also available in a complete format here in our UNYQer blog series with so many more amazing UNYQers.