We had the pleasure to interview Travis Ricks from San Diego California live on Facebook but he received his first UNYQ cover around 6 years ago. Travis shared with us his story from the time he was amputated after dealing with some major medical complications over to his recovery, his start with Challenged Athlete Foundation and being one of the first UNYQ models back in 2014. 

Travis who has been wearing UNYQ covers ever since shares his insight into the importance of self expression for all. How the conversation changed from pity or how he became an amputee over to the fashion statement he was making with his prosthetic wear and how cool it looked.  

“The prosthetics is not just a piece of mechanical engineering but an extension of your personality” said Travis as he explained how important it is that amputees can now express their personality in a way that maybe only amputees could do earlier through the athletics and the Paralympic Games. 

This video is a 5 minutes summary of the interview that is available in a complete format on UNYQ FaceBook and Youtube sites.