Announcements  |  19/11/2020

Sei unico nel tuo genere Noi di UNYQ siamo un team di progettazione curioso e incentrato sull'uomo. Utilizziamo la biometria per creare dispositivi stampati in 3D personalizzati che chiamiamo WEARS. Il processo digitale dall'inizio alla fine coinvolge direttamente gli utenti finali nella scelta dei loro dispositivi indossabili. I prodotti attuali creati sulla ...

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Modeling the Positive for Every Body

Fashion  |  12/05/2017

After her leg amputation, Cadie Jessup did the hard mental work that it took to make her life whole again. …

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3 Views on Adaptive CrossFit from an Amputee, Coach & Prosthetist

Uncategorized  |  14/12/2016

Editor’s Note: After Amber published her story about overcoming depression and anxiety after amputation in part through CrossFit, many of …

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What Helped Me Regain Confidence as an Amputee

Uncategorized  |  05/12/2016

Often I’ve been asked about confidence, both by amputees and non-amputees. I imagine this is because others see me as …

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21 Things These Amputees Can’t Live Without

Uncategorized  |  22/11/2016

We are constantly wowed by the ingenuity of the amputees in our community. Often in the comments of our Facebook …

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The Technology Driven Prosthetist

Uncategorized  |  08/11/2016

We have the great pleasure of working with very talented and dedicated Certified Prosthetists & Orthotists across the globe. These …

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What Changed His Mind?

Uncategorized  |  01/11/2016

There are many reasons why people choose to wear a UNYQ prosthetic cover. For certain amputees, it’s about confidence, for others, it’s …

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Small Victories, Big Gains: Coping with Anxiety Post Amputation

Uncategorized  |  10/10/2016

If you were to ask anyone what they think of me, you would probably hear words like bubbly, loud, and …

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UNYQ Align™ Scoliosis Treatment Now Available to Patients with Select Clinical Partners

Uncategorized  |  01/10/2016

UNYQ is excited to announce that beginning today, October 17th, scoliosis patients around the country will have access to UNYQ …

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UNYQ Celebrates #DesignForAll at The White House

Events  |  19/09/2016

Last Thursday, UNYQ was invited to the White House for a special event celebrating inclusive design, assistive technology and prosthetics. …

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9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Became an Amputee

Uncategorized  |  27/06/2016

When I became an amputee I was given plenty of pamphlets on what to expect. I knew about phantom pain …

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