We had a discussion on Facebook with the courageous and interesting Marleen Verbeek born in Netherlands that has achieved a massive transformation after hiding her condition that was the result of being struck as a 13 year old by the life threatening bacteria meningitis. Much later as a mother of two, now living in Madrid she decided 4 years ago at the age of 35 to undergo a difficult amputation with the goal to reach a fuller life, including becoming a snowboarder. Prior to the amputation she broadcasted this decision on YouTube and since then has come out on the other side as a model, actress and advocate of that being different is ok under the tag name: #itsok2bdifferent

"It's OK to be different" – Marleen Verbeek

"It's ok to be different" is not only her nickname: Itsok2bdifferent but the motto of Marleen Verbeek, a brave and determined woman whom we are lucky to have as #unyqer and model. She joined us for a live interview to discover her journey and overcoming attitude. Marleen who is born in Netherlands but lives in Spain with her husband and two children. She got bacterial Meningitis when she was 13 years old spending eight months in hospital and needing over 20 surgeries. The deadly infection damaged 35% of her skin, causing injuries similar to a burn mainly to her legs and feet, but also her arms and face. In 2016 she decided to have her lower leg amputated in the hope to do more sports including becoming a snowboarder.

Posted by UNYQ on Friday, October 2, 2020