The first thing Tarrell Lee tells me in his New York accent when we get on the phone: “I’ve got nothing to hide.” It’s an exciting way to start an interview and within a few seconds, I can feel his contagious energy!

Given what he’s been through, you might not expect Tarrell to have such a positive attitude towards life. In fact, you would probably think it was normal if the guy was perennially upset. Tarrell lost his leg while directing traffic while on duty for the NYPD. He was hit by an SUV and as he will tell you, “losing my leg was the least of my injuries.”

Twenty blood infusions, a 40-day induced coma and six months of hospital later, he was just barely beginning to recover.

“It was a difficult road,” says Tarrell “but you try to overcome it.”

And overcome he did. That was in 2005. Today, he’s back at work with the NYPD and living life to the fullest.

Given Tarrell’s outgoing personality, it should come as no surprise that a fake looking skin colored leg was not his style. “I used to use covers that tried to look like a real leg, but it just wasn’t me. I wasn’t trying to hide anything.”

Earlier this year, Tarrell searched the web for “cool prosthetic covers”. He was looking for something closer to his personality, something that would let him express himself more.

He’s a self proclaimed geek who loves comic books and video games. When he saw Galaxy Gold Red, he knew it was for him. The colors and design reminded him of his comic book heroes.

“It makes me feel good! “I’m out here, I’m not hiding anything.”

It’s so amazing for us to hear these stories about individuals being able to add a layer of their own identity to their prosthesis. It’s ironic that for Tarrell, his covers is a revelator, not a concealer.

There are plenty of superheroes out there who do their very best to hide their identity… But if Tarrell was the star of a comic book, you had better believe he’d be larger than life with all sorts of flashy super powers. Although we’d have to say his ability to make you smile is a superpower in and of itself.