In celebration and appreciation of our veterans, today we released a new line of military-inspired fairings. The CAM Collection comes in three camouflage patterns: Snow, Forest and Digital Woodland.

In addition to honoring the work and sacrifice of all veterans, at UNYQ, we are especially focused on veteran amputees as the perils of war too often result in traumatic injuries requiring amputation.

While there has been huge technological leaps in prosthetic limbs, amputees have very little choice when it comes to personalizing how they look. At UNYQ, our goal is to give amputees affordable and fashionable options for accessorizing their prosthetics legs.

The CAM Collection flips the notion of camouflage upside down by providing amputees a means to conceal their prosthetic leg, while wowing others with their unique look.

“Losing a limb can have a devastating impact on your sense of self esteem,” explains Katherine Crawford, former Army servicewoman, amputee and advocate for amputee girls. “UNYQ gives us the freedom to create our own fashion statements and express who we are with confidence.”

Veterans Day Giveaway

We have partnered with Jim Wirth to give away at least one of our fashionable fairings to a veteran with a lower limb amputation. We invite all veteran amputees to enter the giveaway here.

Jim Wirth has generously donated one fairing and is hosting a Tilt campaign to inspire others to join him. His goal is to raise at least double his original donation. You can contribute here.

Entries close on Sunday, November 16th at 11:59pm PST. A winner will be announced the next day.

Image: Alex Minsky & Kat Crawford wearing their UNYQ fairings.

How UNYQ Works

Each UNYQ prosthetic cover is 3D printed to match the shape of the amputee’s intact leg. As these covers are custom designed, they work with all above knee and below knee prosthetic limbs. The CAM Collection, like our recent Carbon Collection, is hydro painted, which gives the prosthetic cover a very sleek and modern look.

“I certainly would give anything to have my leg back, but since that isn’t a possibility, I am excited to make my prosthetic leg my own with a UNYQ cover,” says Alex Minsky, professional model and former U.S Marine and Purple Heart recipient who lost his leg while on duty in Afghanistan.

“Our CAM collection celebrates our military service men and women, especially those who have lost a piece of themselves in the line of duty,” says Eythor Bender, CEO of UNYQ. “We are thrilled to add these new options to our growing product line and continue making it easier for amputees to express their own styles.”