Four UNYQ messages

UNYQERS  |  05/10/2020

4 UNYQers from different backgrounds are only few of the many that have shared their stories through the last 6 …

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“I like to show off my personality and have some fun” Nichole Millage

UNYQERS  |  10/09/2020

In this time Japan was supposed to host the Paralympic Games that now have been postponed due to COVID19 until …

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UNYQ Versity  |  14/05/2020

We live in very special times that is affecting how we live and work. It’s no different for those who …

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Channeling Your Super Human Strength and Spirit

Uncategorized  |  24/07/2017

As a licensed, professional counselor, Wells Petras knows a thing or two about helping others cope. He’s worked with all …

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A Cool Man Takes the Stage

Fashion  |  15/05/2017

Back in 1969, the year Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and the Boeing 747 jumbo jet made its debut, …

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