Customer testimonial: Bogdan Olteanu

When you’re a very active person with a prosthetic leg, you walk, climb, train hard, work out … and forget your prosthetic leg is a great piece of equipment and also machinery that needs to be kept in the best condition.

When the opportunity came to be involved in the testing of a new flexible cover, made of a new 3D printed material, I jumped at the chance. A cover that can bend? A cover with shock-absorbing paint? This was the stuff of dreams!

I’ve been a UNYQer for years, and I’ve benefited from working closely with the team in testing out covers for endurance, usability and durability. This cover is so different. What I experienced with the flexible material really exceeded my expectations in terms of strenght and endurance but what is truly amazing it feels like a soft touch skin.

I spoke with the UNYQ R&D Team. I shared my vision and gave my feedback, after all I have worn multiple covers. I’m an active guy and my request was clear: Make a stronger cover. When they shared with me that we could make a lasting cover and at the same time make it feel soft, that made me really excited and curious.

I’m pleased to confirm that UNYQ endurance covers in total black absorb impact and bend to ensure durability. The soft feel of the material is truly amazing.

-Bogdan Olteanu lives in Belgium with his family and works for Otto Bock

Total black, total protection in 5 designs

The total black endurance covers are post-processed using a special paint that absorbs impact. If you would like to know more, download our UNYQ app and select the flex options for the U, Galaxy, Trooper, Odyssey and Next designs.

Personalize your cover

The UNYQ way focuses on giving options, and you have the opportunity to add engraving to your UNYQ covers for a customized finish. Speak to your prosthetist or contact for advice on the optimal finish for this new cover.

Order your UNYQ endurance cover is now available

Via UNYQ app on the Apple Store or through the Global Ordering System you can order your new endurance cover in flexible material.