UNYQ is excited to announce that beginning today, October 17th, scoliosis patients around the country will have access to UNYQ Align™ through a select group of leading scoliosis healthcare providers. The Charter Program is an exciting milestone, as it increases access to UNYQ Align™ for patients and healthcare providers that have been in search of a better solution.

UNYQ Align™ was developed and clinically validated in collaboration with Dr. James Policy, MD from Stanford Children’s Health Speciality Services in Emeryville, California and Robert Jensen, CPO from Laurence Orthopedic, with locations in Oakland and Concord, California. In addition to these providers, UNYQ Align™ will be available through UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, California, and Medical Center Orthotics & Prosthetics, with locations in Silver Spring, Maryland and Boston, Massachusetts.

While bracing has been shown to be an effective treatment for scoliosis, the success of the treatment is largely linked to patient compliance with lofty prescribed wear time goals, often exceeding 18 hours per day. Patients often complain that braces are uncomfortable and unattractive, which not only leads to non-compliance and failed treatment, but also a huge detriment to the patient’s quality of life.

UNYQ Align™ introduces a new level of style, comfort, and personalization to address these pain points. Using advanced digital design and manufacturing, UNYQ Align™ modernizes treatment of scoliosis and is a solution both patients and healthcare providers love. And patients and healthcare providers are not the only ones excited about UNYQ Align™.

UNYQ Align™ 3D printed Scoliosis Brace

UNYQ was recently featured at a White House Event Celebrating Inclusive Design, Assistive Technology & Prosthetics, where we offered a glimpse of what is coming next. Beginning in early 2017, UNYQ Align™ will also include embedded sensors powered by the Intel® Curie™ Module, to measure real-time pressures applied by the brace and wear time, which will be connected to the UNYQ Align™ App.

This level of connectivity will empower patients to achieve wear time goals and enjoy planned time out of the brace with confidence. UNYQ Align™ was also honored this year as a top innovation at CES and was awarded a grant from the New England Pediatric Device Consortium.

UNYQ Align™ was also recently part of FashioNXT, Portland’s Fashion Week, and Singularity University’s Exponential Medicine Conference in San Diego, California, where it was featured as a game changing medical technology at the interface of medical device, wearable technology, and fashion.

  • Patients and family members that are interested in UNYQ Align™ as a treatment for their scoliosis can contact us to be put in touch with the provider in their region.
  • Medical practitioners that are interested in providing UNYQ Align™ to their patients can contact us to receive the latest information on Charter Program availability and eligibility requirements.