UNYQ has great partners all over the world. Through our Hubs, we are building a global network of prosthetists, clinics, collaborators, beta testers and friends. The individuals at our Hubs are experts in helping amputees select their UNYQ prosthetic covers and they can walk you through the measuring and taking images for your custom fairing.

We also work closely with our Hubs to share our community stories. This week we talked to Henrik Tingleff, Co-Owner and Head Prosthetist of Bandagist-Centret. At the clinic, Henrik and his team focus on helping people “turn obstacles into opportunities”.

Bandagist-Centret opened its doors back in 1978, with just a few employees. Since then, they have grown to become one of Denmark’s largest providers of prosthetic and orthotic services with more than 80 employees now. Throughout their growth, the team has looked for ways to bring products to their clients that help them be as active and free as possible.

We met Henrik Tingleff at OTWorld and we starting working together to bring fashionable prosthetic fairings to his clients. Quickly, it became clear that we loved working together and Bandagist-Centret became our first Hub in Europe.

“We believe our prosthetic users should always have the best possible options for being active and expressing their style. We put a lot of effort into creating a well fitting prosthesis,” says Henrik. “That’s why we see UNYQ as a perfect partner for creating great looking and appealing prostheses.”

To date, Henrik has fitted several patients with UNYQ covers including Vittra and Beauty — two very popular collections for women and young girls. “Many of our clients are thrilled to be able to choose how their prosthesis looks. It’s a wonderful alternative to the standard foam cover.”

UNYQ prosthetic covers are produced with 3D printing technology, which allows us to get very creative and personalized with each fairing. For example, with one of the covers for Bandagist-Centret, we actually 3D printed their logo right into their demo fairing!

No matter who you are, having a choice matters. We’re excited to work with Hubs like Bandagist-Centret! Together we are giving amputee a way to express who they are and show off their own unique styles.

You can find a UNYQ Hub near you, learn more about becoming one of our Hubs or read more of our community stories.