UNYQ was founded on the mission to tear down the walls of stigma associated with prosthetic and orthotic wear using personalized design, fashion and exponential technology that is increasingly available to us. Why can’t prosthetics be well designed and fashionable and a reflection of oneself ? With that simple human centric idea in mind UNYQ got born.

Once a year we showcase our collection for the world to see in our annual catalog. Although we have the UNYQ App that can be downloaded from the Apple App store and includes our complete collection we learned that when visiting UNYQ Hubs (Prosthetic Clinics that offer UNYQ Wears) there is nothing that replaces having that catalog in your hand and seeing the demos live.

As we start preparing for the 2021 Catalog and version 3 of the UNYQ App we thought we take the opportunity to highlight our previous two catalogs from 2019 but specifically 2020 that also included the UNYQ Socket and you can download from here. This catalog did highlight the 11 distinctive benefits of our collection that are the following:

1. For all:

We design protective covers for almost all the prosthetic components on the market, including lower and upper extremity. Our covers are available for above and below knee amputees, including bilaterals, Genium X3 knee, osseointegration and polycentric knees, using different solutions to avoid
interference with functionality.

2: A UNYQ Cover that wraps your leg

Our protective covers really cover your prosthesis. Designed in 2 pieces/parts, they don’t let the back part open, unlike others, so you have the power to choose whether you want to show your prosthesis

3: Protection

Like a bumper of a car, our covers protect your expensive prosthetic components from damage. They also avoid clothes being pinched or get caught in your prosthetic components.

4: Truly personalized

Why do we need photos and measurements? Because our covers are not
standard or semi-standard size. Each of them is designed specifically for
each person, combining the fitting to their prosthetic components in order
to have the best symmetry with the sound leg.

5: Style

Not only functionality, now it’s time to give style to your prosthesis and express your personality! Combine your favorite design with the colors of your choice, and include extras, as vinyls or engraved images, to create
your own UNYQ style.

6: High Quality Finishing

Our 3D printing process, together with a handmade post-processing and
painting, gives to our UNYQ covers the highest quality finishing. Our colors
don’t stain or transfer onto clothes and the smooth surface allows a quick
and easy cleaning of the cover.

7: Easy Fitting

Fit your cover in just a few seconds! The front part of our covers attaches
safely and quickly to the pylon of the prosthesis with our Fast-Clamp, while the rear part of the cover is connected to it with strong magnets in just a ‘click’. The easy fitting allows you to easily access your prosthetic components to charge knees, feet, to clean them or just to change your style!

8: Water Resistant

Our covers are water resistant. Just make sure that your prosthesis is water
resistant too and that you clean and dry everything afterwards. If you like
swimming with your cover on, we recommend the attachment option with screws.

9: Light Weight

Our covers are 3D printed in a lightweight material (polyamide): they don’t add too much weight to the prosthesis (usually less than 500 gr, depending on the design and anatomy of the user). The final result is a hard plastic protector that stays dimensionally stable over time, not changing its shape with use, unlike stockings or silicone cosmetics.

10: Adjusts to your Prosthesis

Knee, foot, socket, length, alignment… each prosthetic combination is
completely different from the other. Our designers work on each cover one
by one, so that each one goes specifically with a prosthesis. The result?
The adjustment is perfect and you don’t need to adapt it by yourself.
We take care of everything so you just receive it ready to wear!

11: Safe and Steady

Our Fast-clamp fitting system has been developed in order for our
covers to stay fixed on the prosthesis so that they don’t flap around.
No need to worry! But in case you want to be even more cautious, we
offer the option of a clamp attachment with screws.

11 important features that can be yours within 2 weeks after selecting from 21 different designs and multiple color option via a simple app that also guides you and your prosthetist through the photogrammetry process.

2020 catalog for the first time featured information about the UNYQ Socket or like we call it: “Match Made”. Do expect to see more about that in new upcoming catalog.

After all UNYQ is about personalization for every body, as such a part of the catalog is dedicated to many of the special designs and options we provide and continue to expand on a regular basis including upper extremities and tailoring solutions around special prosthetic components. In addition it features the special custom design features requested from our UNYQers.

2021 catalog is up soon. To prepare for that, our design and marketing team got expanded with a group of co-labs or few UNYQers that are working with us hand in hand finalizing the design and photo shooting. We also want to encourage all of you release the creative designer within you and reach out to us as we are constantly looking for new fresh ideas on hello@unyq.com.