We live in very special times that is affecting how we live and work. It’s no different for those who live with limb loss and their clinicians.

Prosthetists are forced to work from home, their businesses are impacted economically. We at UNYQ are doing our best to align our service and education program to truly unique times. At the same time we strive to provide amputees and their families with inspiring stories and practical knowhow.

UNYQ was never about just creating another piece of device. It was a dream to give both users of medical ware and their clinicians access to affordable and easy to use virtual digital design tools. Design tools that can replace industry looking medical devices and stigma with self expression and confidence.

This terrible virus is affecting all of us both physically and mentally. Digital technology has become a bridge to connect us all with our families, loved once and co-workers more than ever before. The same exponential technology behind UNYQ is a strength in these times, tools that are without boundaries and can even be applied without physical contact to co-create beautiful design, personalization and inspiration.

As such we just started a live seminar series on Facebook that eventually will be available in several languages. Our aim is to offer a practical virtual learning tools, giving insight into why we started UNYQ in the first place, the digital revolution, 3dPrinting, inclusive design and stories of some amazing UNYQers.

Beyond that we like to give UNYQers some practical tips, talk about the intuitive selection process via the UNYQ App and how to take care of the Prosthetic Wear including things like disinfection.


Our first UNYQ live seminar on Facebook took place last week with Bogdan Olteanu, one of our original UNYQers and Catarina Lowenadler Certified Orthotist and Prosthetist.

We will follow up with seminars in several languages with as many UNYQers as possible. Further we will be offering accredited webinars one on one with clinics .

If you are interested in future webinars and interviews with UNYQers and others part of the UNYQ community please see our UNYQ Versity Youtube channel, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or write to hello@unyq.com.

The UNYQ Team wishes you and your families health and please stay safe