In this interview, we sit down with Dylan M Jones. He is one of the younger UNYQERS we’ve met and has a wildly exciting and contagious passion for life. We are always surprised by how ingenuitive he and his family are when it comes to making things work regardless of an amputation. He teaches us to follow your passion and adapt as needed. Dylan is wearing the Galaxy Blue Silver — a color unique combination he chose himself!

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UNYQ: Hi Dylan! As the newest member of the UNYQERS, please introduce yourself.

Dylan: My name is Dylan M Jones. The “M” is for Micah. I am a 12 year old tween boy.  I wake up each morning to see the world from a different perspective than most people.

I love being “the only one of its kind; unlike anything else”; which, is the definition of unique.  That’s why being a UNYQER fits my vision for life.

I am thankful God designed me the way he did.  I was born with fibular hemimelia, which means I was missing my fibular bone and my tibia was not fully formed.  At three days old, my parents knew they’d have to choose for me to have amputation when I was six months old.

I quickly received my first prosthetic when I was nine months old. I’ve received so many legs I’ve lost count! My life motto is #dreambiglivebig. To me that means I want to inspire others to live bigger than their wildest dreams and to remember there IS always HOPE. And to make choices based on their dreams and not on what they think their limits are.

UNYQ: You do more sports than we can count on both hands! Can you tell us how you approach new activities? Do you have any tips for adapting sports for others with below knee amputations?

Dylan: I love life and to get to be active is a gift. I would say the best advice is to do whatever you have passion for and figure out how to make it work for you. I approach new activities with FULL FORCE with NO THOUGHT of GIVING UP.

My mom would tell me to think of myself as complete, do not separate my prosthetic foot from me…. It IS my right foot after all, (it just doesn’t stink).

When I think of myself, I think of a complete person, I don’t think about having a prosthesis. I know my right leg is different than my left but I have learned to understand how it works with me. It’s my normal. I face all the amputee challenges others do, even having a prosthesis most of my life. But, I won’t let that stop me from doing what I love to do.

For example, when I did Karate we put bathtub non stick tape on the bottom of my foot so it wouldn’t slide. We analyze what works and get a creative as possible to adapt. For dance, I just told to teachers, “my toe doesn’t point yet, one day technology will catch up with me!” When I skateboard, my challenge is keeping the knee pads up since they slip down my leg.

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UNYQ: As an actor, what type of roles do you like to play? Is acting hard or does it come naturally to you?

Dylan: The roles I like vary. It depends on the project.  Acting comes naturally to me, I do study and practice to keep my skills up. I completely enjoy acting from auditions to the final product. My parents say i was born to perform. I would have to agree with them.

UNYQ: What’s it like being in a band? Do you get stage fright? If so how do you handle that?

Dylan: Being in a band is really fun. What I like most is performing and seeing the peoples’ faces light up, just like those really hot stage lights. No way! I don’t get stage fright, I live to get out and get to “do mah thawng”. I just think of how excited I am to share all the hard work I did to get to there.

UNYQ: Do you have a wish list of places you’d like to go in the world?

Dylan: Yes, I do.  My wishlist is Paris, France – Venice, Italy –  London – Go back to Disney World in Florida – Hawaii with a tour of all the islands and Heaven.

UNYQ: You were born into a connected world of cell phones, social media and internet everywhere! What do you imagine when you think of our future?

Dylan: In the future I see technology continuing to grow. I hope to have a bionic leg!  UNYQ covers will have technology built into them. Like you would have access the interWEB from your cover. You will contact people via holographs, there will be giant futuristic skyscrapers with electronic billboards on them, when you are hungry you press a button and food appears right in front of your face, the occasional flying space car here and there, jet boots, robot maids and the Zbox  – the Xbox is it’s ancestor.  I really can’t wait to see how giant technology is going to get.

UNYQ: You exude a contagious confidence and enthusiasm for life! What / who inspires you to live with such passion?

Dylan: God does!

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