Today, we are thrilled to expand our line of prosthetic covers to include options for upper limb amputees. Just like our AK and BK prosthetic covers, our arm covers for amputees are 3D printed and personalized to fit over components.

Currently our arm covers are available in the UNYQ Performance™  Collection. They are made from a strong polyamide and available in six designs and six colors.

Bertolt Meyer, a professor of psychology, worked closely with us during the development of our new line of prosthetic covers. He’s worn various types of prosthesis his entire life, but for the first time ever he is now wearing a stylish prosthetic cover too.

“For me, the look of the prosthesis is as important as its functionality,” Bertolt tells us. “The way it look impacts whether people perceive the prosthesis as awkward or interesting, and whether they treat me with pity or with interest.” Bertolt feels like wearing a stylish cover “reduces the likelihood that people treat me with pity”.

UNYQ Prosthetic Covers for Arm Amputees

“A stylish prosthetic covers gives me the option to turn my prosthesis into a fashion accessory. It’s not only a sign of my self confidence, but it has also given me more confidence.” Pictured wearing Next in Black.

Over the past few months, our designers and engineers have been working on how to adapt our prosthetic covers for upper limb amputees. As with all our entire line of prosthetic covers, we strive for designs that are easy to wear, fit your personality and don’t interfere with the functionality and comfortability of your prosthesis.

“We know than there is a great deal of craftsmanship put into each upper limb prosthesis, so we are developing a system that allows us to adapt our product to each case,” says Jeronimo Carrera, VP of Design & Manufacturing at UNYQ. “We are really excited to launch this product and offer more choices to the upper limb amputee community.”

UNYQ prosthetic covers for arms are available for above and below elbow amputees. The cover will rise as high as possible on the arm socket but will always remain below the elbow. To find out if our arm prosthetic covers will work with a specific prosthesis, please contact us with as much information as possible so we can evaluate it.

We’d like to thank fashion designer and clothing brand Maestría from Sevilla, Spain for their assistance styling our shoot. Photographer, Fran Vaquero, and stylish, Ana Otón, helped us capture our new product line beautifully!

To order a UNYQ prosthetic cover, please visit a UNYQ Hub or talk to your prosthetist. The UNYQ Team can help facilitate the conversation and brief your prosthetist on the fitting process for your cover. To get started, you can call, email or chat with us.