There are many reasons why people choose to wear a UNYQ prosthetic cover. For certain amputees, it’s about confidence, for others, it’s about control. No matter the reason, our mission is to provide choice so you can create a look that’s authentic to you.

Sometimes we meet people who didn’t even know they wanted a prosthetic cover until they tried it out. Recently, David McCready, an AK amputee and sales representative for Ottobock, sent us a note about his transition from no cover to cover. What he experienced was incredibly powerful and reinforces why UNYQ is about so much more than a protective or cosmetic cover.

“I’ve been an amputee for about 9 years and the thought of wearing a cosmetic cover had never crossed my mind. I always felt they were ugly, unnatural and really just not for me. I wore pants almost all the time early on, even if the wind made it look like a flagpole at times!

When I had the opportunity to wear a UNYQ cover, my skepticism was still there. I’m much more comfortable with my amputation now and wasn’t sure I needed a cover. What I didn’t expect was that these feelings would quickly change.”

I absolutely love my UNYQ cover! Not only does it look really cool (and the color matches my eyes) it also looks very symmetrical in comparison to my sound side. I’ve had many people not even realize I was an amputee. They assumed I was wearing some kind of calf sleeve!

I used to leave it off when I would do yard work or for anything else that might require I remove it, but now I feel “bare” whenever I’m without it!

What started out for me as just a cool accessory has now become an actual part of me. I wear it all the time and people love it. Fellow amputees have asked me, “Who makes that cover you wear?” I don’t hesitate to pull up my pant leg and say, UNYQ!”

David in Herringbone Blue