UNYQ Prosthetic Covers - Starting at $495

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Introducing Symmetry Introducing Symmetry

Introducing Symmetry

Say goodbye to ill-fitting pant legs. With our custom Symmetric Contour technology, our prosthetic covers echo the shape of your sound leg. We’ve got your leg covered.

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  • "Strangers now come up to me and tell me it's cool.  This is definitely the next step in prosthetics." - Travis Ricks
  • “It certainly catches people's attention” - Alex Minsky
  • “This is what I was going to put on my real leg” - Alex Minsky
  • “People think it's a unique fashion accessory, like a piece of jewelry you wear on your leg.” - Katherine Crawford
  • “It's like a piece of armor from Asgard, I absolutely love it.” - Katherine Crawford
  • “It lets me build an extension of myself through the prosthetic, and not hide who I am.” - Travis Ricks
Watch the video<br/>from our shoot Watch the video<br/>from our shoot

Watch the video
from our shoot