Charlotte Magazine : Curvature Corrected

UNYQ News  |  21 Giugno, 2019

Dr. Matt Chapman & Patient Omarian Riley discuss UNYQ's Spine Wears brace at OrthoCarolina's Spine Center Whenever Dr. Matt Chapman prescribes a brace for teenaged scoliosis patients, the OrthoCarolina spine surgeon holds his breath and crosses his fingers in the hope that they'll actually wear it. The brace is a thick, ...

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Living A Confident Life

Uncategorized  |  23 Giugno, 2017

“Ma’am,” a handsome college kid chased me down to say.  “I have no idea what you’ve been through or how …

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When Scoliosis Runs in the Family

Uncategorized  |  13 Giugno, 2017

In honor of June being National Scoliosis Awareness Month, we decided to share Grace’s story: Grace’s grandmother fought back tears …

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Serving Up What the Patient Needs

Uncategorized  |  7 Giugno, 2017

You might guess that a career in food service is a long way from a career in Prosthetics – and …

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UNYQ Align ™ Scoliosis Brace Selected for the Permanent Collection at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

Fashion  |  18 Maggio, 2017

Integrated Scoliosis Management Platform Available in Select Centers Nationwide Approximately 7 million children and adults in the United States live …

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A Cool Man Takes the Stage

Fashion  |  15 Maggio, 2017

Back in 1969, the year Apollo 11 landed on the Moon and the Boeing 747 jumbo jet made its debut, …

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Modeling the Positive for Every Body

Fashion  |  12 Maggio, 2017

After her leg amputation, Cadie Jessup did the hard mental work that it took to make her life whole again. …

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How UNYQ Saw Charlotte’s People, Beyond the Struggle

Fashion  |  8 Maggio, 2017

Charlotte never expected to headline the national news as a city facing civil unrest and inequality. 2016 had seemed to …

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Personalized Prosthetics Pioneer UNYQ Selects Charlotte for East Coast Expansion

Uncategorized  |  17 Gennaio, 2017

UNYQ, a San Francisco- and Seville, Spain-based pioneer in personalized prosthetics and orthotics, has opened its first East Coast operations …

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3 Views on Adaptive CrossFit from an Amputee, Coach & Prosthetist

Uncategorized  |  14 Dicembre, 2016

Editor’s Note: After Amber published her story about overcoming depression and anxiety after amputation in part through CrossFit, many of …

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What Helped Me Regain Confidence as an Amputee

Uncategorized  |  5 Dicembre, 2016

Often I’ve been asked about confidence, both by amputees and non-amputees. I imagine this is because others see me as …

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