May 22, 2024 by

Unyq has been present at OTW 24 in Leipzig, showing all the new products and designs with great interest from visitors.

With a bigger and wide stand this edition, part of the UNYQ team has been explaining the advances and developments that have been made to ensure that our covers are of the highest quality for their users.

The new cover designs captured the visitors' attention, YOKU, inspired in japanese philosophy, PERSEUS, that reflects the beauty of the sky, and the newly launched INUK, our most fun and tribal design.

In addition to our covers, it was the premiere of one of our most ambitious projects: UNYQ OneFit. 

OneFit is an AK/TF cover that completely covers the leg, being anatomically symmetrical to the healthy leg. This new product, in addition to bringing harmony to the set, protects the prosthesis from external elements.

This total cover can be produced in all the UNYQ designs, and also add the changes and extras that the patient wants to show his personality at 100%.

UNYQ continues to seek the highest quality and design for its covers, betting on its FLEX material, an innovative product whose flexibility and shock absorption capacity provides comfort and extra protection for the patient's prosthesis.

Be different, be UNYQ.



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