Provide your patients with protection tailored to their body.

​Enable expression, cherish individuality.

Why us?

Our innovative 3D printing techniques perfectly answer the personal and physical needs of each lower limb amputee. We work with trusted partner clinics to deliver the highest excellence in protection and design to those eager to express themselves.

  • UNYQ lightens your workload: order a ready-to-fit cover in under 30 minutes, and get back to patient care.
  • Our covers are durable, hygienic and protect the prosthesis and its components.
  • UNYQ app automates the fitting process & design personalization.
  • Re-ordering is possible with a few clicks.
  • Price-point set to fit within standard reimbursement limit.

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Order on the go!

3 easy steps


Schedule training

Set up an online training session with our Customer Care team. They will happily help you out, and provide all the necessary resources.

After your training, you will be able to order a cover in just 10-30 minutes.



Start ordering

Take advantage of our UNYQ app to order covers in just a few simple steps!

Prefer working on a computer? Head to our Online Ordering Platform for your next order.


Ready to fit!

Once delivered, your patient can express themselves and enjoy their UNYQ cover, while you can be sure their prosthesis has additional protection.

If you have any questions, simply reach out to our Customer Service – they’re here to  help every step of the way.

How to order?

Explore our app and ordering platform

Use our free UNYQ app to easily order our products in a matter of minutes. Have a browse through the catalogue, make your choice, and follow the simple steps of measuring and photographing your patient before placing your order.
Currently available for iOS devices, with an Android app coming soon!

If you don’t have an iOS device, or simply prefer using a website, head to our Online Ordering Platform to order.

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Do you want to learn more?

Read our frequently asked questions, check out our training resources or contact us for more info!